The following documents will help give you a better sense of the mission, purpose, and effectiveness of the EHS Institute.

Institute Viewbook

The Institute Viewbook is an introduction to the mission, purpose, and philosophy of the EHS Institute.

Letter of Endorsement from Jonathan Kozol

Education critic and author Jonathan Kozol shares his endorsement of the EHS Institute.

Ubuntu Consulting Report

Independent five-year evaluation of the  2005 pilot group.

Telegram and Gazette Article 2005

Praise from 2005 Attendees

TG article 2005

Worcester Public Schools thanks Eagle Hill Faculty

Janice Harvey article

Worcester Magazine article “What I did last summer” by:  Janice Harvey

Letter from Trey Whitfield School teachers

Letter from  Trey Whitfield School teachers following their attendance at Teachers Teaching Teachers on 11/20/2010


Worcester Magazine Article 8/21/2014